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  • What is the best way to store my coffee?
    Make sure to close the zipper on your coffee bag after use. And keep in a dark and cool place.
  • How long does my coffee stay fresh?
    Every bag of coffee has a roast date stamped on to it. All coffees are best within 8 weeks after roast date. Coffee is still very drinkable after this only the aromas will weaken after these 8 weeks.
  • What makes your coffee specialty coffee?
    Your coffee bag contains 100% arabica specialty coffee. Which means your coffee has a low defects count. (300 grams of green coffee is allowed zero defects and less then 5 secondary defects) Also all coffees score above 80 point which makes is SPECIALTY COFFEE.
  • Do I need a grinder to drink Chatwick coffee?
    No we can grind your coffee for you. All brew methodes are possible. Please not that grinding yourself will greatly improve your coffee drinking experience.
  • How do we roast our coffees?
    We roast very lightly to make sure the coffee doesn't have a roasted flavor note. By doing this we enhance the natural flavors that are in the coffee bean. We do roast differently for espresso and filter brew methodes. Please make sure you choose the right roast level when ordering coffee.
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